Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Huzhou University & Study in hutc

Application Requirements and Procedures

I. Application Requirements


Prospective foreign students


Students for further studies

Anyone in good health and
there is no age limitation.

Anyone who wishes to study in Huzhou University.

Junior College students

Below twenty-five years old.

Graduate certificate of Senior High School with 

good academic records; certificate of HSK intermediate 

level B or above.


Below twenty-five years old.

Graduate certificate of Senior High School with good 

academic records; certificate of HSK intermediate 

level 3 or above.

II. Registration and Application Procedure

1). Those who are up to the standard of Huzhou University can contact the Foreign Affairs Office by fax, e-mail or in person for a “ Application Form for Foreign Students at Huzhou University” and a form of “Physical Examination Record for Foreigner” (Excluding courses less than six months). The above two completed forms together with the copy of your passport, your final education certificate and application fees are required to send back to the Foreign Affairs Office.

2). After the University gets the related materials and verifies them, we will mail you “ Letter of Admission to Huzhou University” and a Form JW202.

With the Form JW202, the letter of Admission and your passport, you can apply for “X” Visa (one year or more than one year learning period) or “F” visa (visa for half a year learning period) at Chinese Embassy in your country; or you can come to our University with the “ L” tourist visa and deal with the procedure for overseas study here.

3). Registration Procedure for Foreign Students.

 Students are required to present their “Admission Form”, “ JW202”, the passport to the Foreign Affairs Office.

 Fill in the Admission Registration Form, the application form for Foreign Residence Permit.

 8 photos in accordance with the photo of your passport.

 Pay tuition and other fees.

 Get the student’s certificate and the school badge.

4). Dates for Application.

 Students with academic credentials: Send application form before 10th June each year.

 Long-term students for future study: Send application form before 10th June or before 10th December each year.

 Short-term students for future study: No Dates limitation.

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