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Expense in Huzhou University

Fees and Lodging

1. Registration Fee: RMB 500 ( Including fee for registration and certificate)

2. Books: Depends on how many books you need.

3. Tuition:

Long-term students for future study: RMB 15,000 each year/per person; RMB7,500 half year/per person;

Short-term students for further study: RMB 2,500 each monthper person; you will have to pay another RMB 500 if you have one more week here on campus. If by group, you can get a special favor.

4. Fee for Room:

Single Room: RMB 50per day (Excluding water, electricity, telephone fee)

Double Room: RMB 25per day (Excluding water, electricity, telephone fee)

Each room has a bathroom, water heater, furniture, air-conditioner, TV set, telephone, bedclothes, Internet terminal station, etc.

5. Expenses for medicine, food, trips are to be covered by students.

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